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1410.  2017
Minolta Hi-Matic GF






Somewhere around Quezon City, Philippines

I am at the cusp of something big, a big beginning.

I can feel it in my skin, pouring out from the tips of my toes and my fingers.

I feel like I’m seeing myself being built, being filled up, and being real.



Diana Mini + Black and White Film
A cafe somewhere around Paris, 2011

Just a few words about this photo and the rest of the roll that it came with.

I was finally able to have my black and white film rolls processed, 5 years after my short stint in Europe where these photos were taken.

Looking at these photos with where I am in my life now (and I say this with the naive notion that I’ve actually moved forward), all the beautiful and mundane scenes my  little plastic film camera has captured, the version of myself I created while I was there and all my experiences from that time seem so far away, yet at the same time I feel that certain sense of familiarity, attachment and to some extent an obsessive possessiveness to all of it. More than anything, these photos trigger an intense longing for that gloriously carefree time in my young life.

I absolutely love this set, as they capture my perfectly hazy memories and that quintessential sense of nostalgia that unabashedly hits you in the deep dark hours of the night.